Less than $1,000 beach challenge

As most teachers are (or probably should be), we are on a tight budget. Though we are working Dave Ramsey’s babysteps to become debt free (from college loans), we know that taking a vacation is good for our relationship. Being a teacher and coach is time-consuming enough. Add Grad School to the mix. We know we deserve a gettaway!

Annnnd, we don’t want to blow the budget. After saving some money and working extra jobs, we have come up with enough money that we believe could get us an incredible, relaxing gettaway.

Destination: Inlet Beach, FL.

Here is the budget we set for ourselves for the 4 night vacay:

Stay: $653.46

Gas: $100

Food: $150

Entertainment: $45

Now, looking at these estimations, we know our food budget is lower than your typical vacation. But, we wanted to be able to go on vacation without feeling the guilt of having loans to pay off ASAP. We have budgeted $70 for two out to eat meals, $10 for dessert,  and the rest ($70) for groceries/meals on the road.

We plan to pack PBJ sandwiches for the trip down and meat and cheese for day-time meals. (Do you realize how much money it cost to go through a place like Chick-fil-a for two? Multiple times a week? Like $20-40)

We expect to save on entertainment, because the location we booked has complimentary bikes, kayaks, and a pool! How much more entertainment could you need?

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Gotta go buy sunscreen,

That Teacher Wife



Published by AddieWilliams

A twenty-four year old married Special Education Teacher. We are in the process of moving to Alaska, so all new adventures are coming soon! I write about teaching, saving money, paying off debt, traveling, and wife-ing.

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