Step by Step How to Calculate Your Debt Payoff Date for Baby Step 2

Paying off debt can seem overwhelming. A way to help you stay motivated and intentional is to calculate a “payoff date”.

When you are getting ready to determine just how long it will take you to pay off all of your debt, you have to write it all out.

Getting Started Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt can be daunting. It is very common for people who are in debt to feel extremely overwhelmed to start the process of getting out…or to even evaluate their current process and make changes. There are several methods people use to get out of debt and build wealth. The plan I follow andContinue reading “Getting Started Paying Off Debt”

Traveling from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska

In March 2020, my husband and I started our grand adventure to live in Alaska. Since taking this brave step, we have felt our spirits become more and more adventurous. For some perspective we both had lived the majority of our lives in Alabama other than our four years of college that were spent inContinue reading “Traveling from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska”

Let’s Budget in the Bathroom| Paying off student loans + money saving tips starting in bathroom

    Let’s talk about student loan debt! My husband and I have been working to pay off our $100,000 student loan debt since 2016. This is all from Tyler’s undergrad and graduate schooling. When Tyler graduated from college in 2016, we were engaged. I knew about the debt he was going to have fromContinue reading “Let’s Budget in the Bathroom| Paying off student loans + money saving tips starting in bathroom”

I clicked “publish”

After spending the majoirty of this week chasing internet access and writing, I received positive feedback on the devotional I had created. The past two days I have logged around 24 hours typing, editing, spacing, and repeat. As I began expanding my writing with each question, I developed deeper reflection questions and tasks. I addedContinue reading “I clicked “publish””