My First Student Was Myself (Special Education Teacher’s Story)

Sitting still in a seat quiet as a mouse was expected and demanded. Having piles of homework each night was typical. Chapter tests in each subject “directly from the book” happened every Friday. I had great  teachers, but I had difficulty learning in the early 2000’s manner. I am a “study all week and get a C” kinda gal.

7 Questions Answered by Couples Striving for a Godly Marriage

There have been many interpretations of God’s plan for marriage come to light since the beginning of time. Since the New Covenant was established, it was made so clear in scripture that God’s intentions for marriage is for one woman and one man for life. Marriage is between two humans, and so unfortunately some spousesContinue reading “7 Questions Answered by Couples Striving for a Godly Marriage”

Paul’s 17 Dos perfect for after the I dos.

Sitting up late, searching verses about marriage from my phone, I was scrolling through the google searches, and I clicked on a “The Knot” blog that had 33 different references from the Bible that talks about marriage. It just included a variety of verses with all different contexts. Scrolling through I saw the reference toContinue reading “Paul’s 17 Dos perfect for after the I dos.”

Dollar Date Nights

Hi fellow cheapskates, penny pinchers, or just married people keeping it real. This one is directed toward the married, but if you can definitely incorporate parts of these wholesome activities into your date nights if you are not married. Some of these we have personally done..others I feel like we would totally do but haven’tContinue reading “Dollar Date Nights”

This Whole Teacher Thing…

Fresh college graduate walks into her twelfth interview with a Birmingham area public school. She sits down across the table from a principal that messaged her the day before about his interest in interviewing her for the open exceptional education position at his school. Throughout the interview she explains her philosophies, her experiences, her dreams, andContinue reading “This Whole Teacher Thing…”

Here’s the Thing About Social Clubs

  I wrote this during college but never posted it. Freed-Hardeman University gave me some of the most incredible memories. Here you go. Love God first. That is pretty  much it. If you can love God first, then the social club will not be you top priority. When you feel like you had a killerContinue reading “Here’s the Thing About Social Clubs”

7-ish Steps on Planning an Event Like Buddy Ball

Our community is where we live. It’s where we grow. It’s who we see in line at Chick-fil-a each morning and it who we run into at the park. It’s who we laugh with, cry with, compete with, live with, thrive with, drive with, and jive with. Let’s do something about our communities bond. Let’sContinue reading “7-ish Steps on Planning an Event Like Buddy Ball”