I clicked “publish”

After spending the majoirty of this week chasing internet access and writing, I received positive feedback on the devotional I had created. The past two days I have logged around 24 hours typing, editing, spacing, and repeat. As I began expanding my writing with each question, I developed deeper reflection questions and tasks. I addedContinue reading “I clicked “publish””

Can you help me out? | I need volunteers to read ONE of my twelve devotionals + Give me feedback.

I began writing a 12-Question devotional series that includes a short (and I mean like half a page) devotional thought with a reflection that I feel digs into your personal space a little.  I would love to have at least 12 volunteers who are willing to read one of 12 devotionals I have written. WhenContinue reading “Can you help me out? | I need volunteers to read ONE of my twelve devotionals + Give me feedback.”

Upper Elementary/Middle School Morning Check In Activities

  Am I the only teacher that has a hard time getting started in the morning? This year, I decided that my students really needed a morning check-in.  Perhaps it was to help us stay consistent each morning, or maybe it was just something to help me feel better about those awkward first 15 minutesContinue reading “Upper Elementary/Middle School Morning Check In Activities”

Age Appropriate Math Activities for Middle Schoolers Working Below Grade Level

When preparing to be a special education teacher, I collected anything and everything that I thought my future students could benefit from. During that treasure hunt I collected many books, toys, and learning materials. Many of my items are currently stored in boxes and unusable for my current setting. Just because a student is performingContinue reading “Age Appropriate Math Activities for Middle Schoolers Working Below Grade Level”

Less than $1,000 beach challenge

As most teachers are (or probably should be), we are on a tight budget. Though we are working Dave Ramsey’s babysteps to become debt free (from college loans), we know that taking a vacation is good for our relationship. Being a teacher and coach is time-consuming enough. Add Grad School to the mix. We know we deserveContinue reading “Less than $1,000 beach challenge”

Make Money without Spending Money

Hi! Just a teacher wife over here! Throughout two of the 2.5 years of marriage, I have been the sole income. My husband is rocking it in Occupational Therapy school, and so we have had to find creative ways to make extra cash to make money. Some ways we have chosen to make money, costContinue reading “Make Money without Spending Money”

Teachers “Without a Life” Trying to Teach About Life

A friend and I met up to eat Mexican food the other day, because who doesn’t like stuffing fried tortilla chips topped with cheese dip in their mouth? She also is a teacher. She is on year seven of her teaching career, and I am on year two. She said something to me that hasContinue reading “Teachers “Without a Life” Trying to Teach About Life”

Good thing kids aren’t listening to adults

How frustrating is it when children don’t listen to you? I tend to change my voice to one a little more irritated and frustrated when this happens in my classroom. You know you do it too. Honestly though, it’s probably a good thing our children “don’t listen”. If they paid attention they would probably learnContinue reading “Good thing kids aren’t listening to adults”